Skin effect

Calculator for Skin Effect Depth

  Calculates the effective skin depth (1/e) for common conducting materials using the formula and data referenced below .


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From Transmission Lines and Networks by Walter C. Johnson, McGraw-Hill 1963 p58.

Nominal depth of penetration for a conductor 

[formula for skin depth]

Where ? = Is the resisitivity of the conductor in O/m

f= frequency in Hertz                       

                   &nbs p;                µ = Is the absolute magnetic permeability of the conductor

The absolute magnetic permeability (µ) = µo x µr 

µo  = 4p x 10-7 H/m

The values for µr are from Transmission Line Design Handbook by Brian C Wadell, Artech House 1991 Table 9.3.2 page 446.

The values for ? are from CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 1st Student Edition 1998 page F-88 and are for high purity elements at 20°C.

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