ASME Tube Wall Calculator
ASME Tube Wall Calculator

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This calculator calculates the wall thickness required, for the heat absorbing tubes, is calculated by using the ASME Section 1. For heat absorbing tubes, there are two formulas that may apply, so it is normal practice to check the required thickness and maximum allowed working pressure, MAWP, using both formulas, then using the more appropriate.

Tube Outside Diameter, in: Wall Thickness, in:
Design Pressure, psia: Design Wall Temperature, F:
Corrosion Allowance, in: Tube Material:

Calculated ValuesPG 27.2.1PG 27.2.2
Min. Wall Thickness + Corrosion Allowance, in:
MAWP, psia:
Stress Value, S1/S2, psi:
Thickness Factor, e:
Temperature Coefficient, y:
Efficiency, E:
Min. Structural Allowance, C:

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