Ducting Pressure Drop Calculator
Ducting Pressure Drop Calculator

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The following formulas and coefficients are from the American Petroleum Institute Practice API RP533.

Duct Piece Type: Shape:
Inlet Diameter, ft: Outlet Diameter, ft:
Inlet Width, ft: Inlet Height, ft:
Outlet Width, ft: Outlet Height, ft:
Radius Of Turn, ft: Incl'd Or Turn Angle, Deg:
Roughness Factor: Hght Of Col Or Lgth Of Run, ft:
No. Of Miter Pieces:
Gas Flow, lb/ft2: Viscosity Of Gas, cp:
Density Of Flue Gas, lb/ft3: Density Of Ambient Air, lb/ft3:
Velocity, ft/sec: Velocity Head, inH2O:
Coefficient: Pressure Drop, inH2O:

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