Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Calculator
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Calculator
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This calculator calculates the overall heat transfer coefficient for a bank of tubes based on the methods discussed in the material presented. For explanation of the formulas and correlations, please refer to the Section 5, Page 4, Convection Design.

Mechanical Data
Tube Layout: Extended Surface Type:
Tube Id, in: Tube Od, in:
No. Of Tube Rows: Tubes Wide:
Tube Length, ft: Transverse Pitch, in:
Longitudinal Pitch, in: Fin Density, fins/in:
Fin Height/Stud Lgth, in: Fin Thickness/Stud Dia, in:
Studs Per Plane: Planes Per Foot:
Tube Side Process Data
Inlet Fluid Temp, F: Outlet Fluid Temp, F:
Duty, Btu/hr: Tube Conductivity, Btu/hr-ft:
Fluid Inside hi, Btu/hr-ft2-F: Inside Fouling, hr-ft2-F/Btu:
Gas Side Process Data
Inlet Gas Temp, F: Outlet Gas Temp, F:
Gas Flow, lb/hr: Outside Fouling, hr-ft2-F/Btu:
Ext'd Surf. Cond., Btu/hr-ft: Gas Viscosity, Cp:
Gas Therm Cond, Btu/hr-ft-F: Gas Specific Heat, Btu/lb-F:
Gas CO2, mole %: Gas H2O, mole %:
Calculation Results
Tw, in: Ai, ft2/ft: Ab, ft2/ft:
Aw, ft2/ft: df, in: sf, in:
Apo, ft2/ft: Afo, ft2/ft: Ao, ft2/ft:
Ac, ft2/ft: An, ft2: Gn, lb/hr-ft2:
C1: C3: C5:
j: Re: Ro, hr-ft2-F/Btu:
Rto, hr-ft2-F/Btu: hc, Btu/hr-ft2-F: hr, Btu/hr-ft2-F:
ho, Btu/hr-ft2-F: E, %: he, Btu/hr-ft2-F:
At, ft2: Ts, F: Uo, Btu/hr-ft2-F:

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